Sunday, November 8, 2009

Has anyone heard about him going broke???

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Mike Watson, is he a real estate investing guru like he claims, or a con man and fraudster, or somewhere inbetween?

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Mike Watson himself may also post here without fear of editing, for this is an open democratic format.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mike Watson Attempts to Shut Down Dissent

As many of you, the loyal readers of the 'mike watson is broke' blog know, we have provided an open and democratic forum where people could post their experiences with Mike Watson, and Mike Watson Investing out of Provo, UT. We have had tremendous interest in the blog, and average over 100 visitors per day.

Well, it's no suprise that Mike Watson didnt like all the attention the blog has generated for his activities. Now that he is being fully investigated by the SEC, he is attempting to shut down any sources that will provide ammunition to the authorities.

Yesterday, we were notified by wordpress, who was hosting our blog, that the blog had violated their terms of service. I looked thru their TOS, as there is clearly no violation, but they have not yet responded. We are working to get the blog reactivated. Mr Watson or one of his lackies made a complaint to wordpress, in an attempt to shut the site down.

Little does Mr Watson know that we have already backed up the entire site, and we will just take the site onto a private dedicated server, where he cannot touch it. We're not going to let him shut down this valuable outlet for all the people out there who want to have a free exchange and communicate freely about his activities.

So, we apologize about the inconvenience, but we will be back up and fully active again very soon. Thanks for your patience in the mean time